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Work somewhere awesome.

Join our ever evolving environment.

Be inspired by collaboration and purpose.


Mentoring and wellness programs, health benefits, career flexibility and professional development plus unique and vibrant recognition and social events are part of life within the Department of Medicine.

The demands of health care are extremely challenging. We take that part very seriously. When it comes to providing care, teaching the next generation of physicians or conducting life changing research, we are all business. 

But, while our working environment doesn’t afford a games room, or tiki bar, sometimes… we eat cake. 

Drs Alison Dugan (Internal Medicine), Alan Karovitch (Internal Medicine), Natasha Kekre (Hematology), Jodi Peters (Executive Admin).

Our power is numbers.


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phd scientists

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It's about more than just the job.

Where we choose to live can influence all other elements in our life, not just what we do, but the hobbies we pursue, the friends we make, and how our children will grow up. 

At work we can be influenced by the energy and actions of those around us so our environment is key. Together, members of Ottawa’s Department of Medicine work hard, play hard, celebrate each other’s achievements and occasionally step outside their comfort zone to raise money in support of our community.

Ottawa and the Department of Medicine could be the right choice for you.

Perks of working in the Nation's Capital.

Besides being an accepting place for anyone to come and live and having the biggest ice skating rink in the world, Ottawa is home to the Medical Council of Canada and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Several members of the Department of Medicine hold key positions within these organizations and serve the medical profession in the assessment of physicians and setting the standards in specialty medical education and lifelong learning.

Opportunities to influence policy and governance could also be available to you.


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