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Get involved if you are passionate about bridging medicine and business practices and utilizing partnerships and networks to bring different perspectives and entrepreneurial spirit to help the Department target its efforts to better support physicians and patients.

The Business Development (BD) Team is part of Ottawa’s Department of Medicine (Ottawa’s DOM), a registered Non-Profit Organization. The BD Team will guide or advise the members at the Department of Medicine with actionable insight and information related to health care as it enters the digital age. The BD Team’s collective expertise will give the department a more considerate and systematic method of acquiring new growth opportunities by unlocking information, leveraging real-time analytics, and adopting new technologies in the pursuit of client-centric, outcomes-driven, prevention-focused health care.


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If you are interested in partnering or volunteering please contact:

Sandra Wu, Chief Administrative Officer/ Executive Director
Direct: 613-406-6820

Moving Ottawa's Department of Medicine Forward

Introducing our overall vision for growth and development for the next three years. 
Successful Partnerships and Living Our Corporate Values

Working with the Telfer MBA program has given us an outstanding opportunity to get novel perspectives, fresh ideas and high-quality work from two skilled, passionate, and high-caliber MBA interns: Darshdeep Dhillon and Abhilash Menon. We are currently benefitting from their skills and talents while they learn to apply newly-learned managerial and analytical competencies in a real, fast paced and complex healthcare environment. 

Dr. Phil Wells, Chief & Chair of the Department of Medicine promoted Ottawa’s World-Wide Impact at TEDxKanataDr. Wells used the big stage at TEDxKanata last night to promote the value of developing and using predictive analytics to improve health care, showcasing not only his own personal research story but endorsing the internationally recognized ‘decision rules’ developed by other colleagues at The Ottawa Hospital.

Accurately and rapidly predicting health or disease for patients is critical and is now the future of medicine. Dr. Wells’ predictive ‘“Wells Models” have been making a positive difference in medicine but took twelve years from research to implementation in practice. Today, with the ability to manipulate data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, DNA sequencing, biomarkers, and wearable devices that can communicate with doctors, we should have the capacity for rapid, individualized, precision care that can see into your future.

The Carleton University Accessible Experiential Learning (CUAEL) project is a new experiential learning project funded by the Government of Ontario’s Career Ready Fund. The Department of Medicine is currently working collaboratively with the Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities and the Career Services Office by placing two students with disabilities in our employment and providing them with hands-on quality experiences while they obtain their post-secondary degree at Carleton University.

Our Undergraduate Medical Education Program is currently exploring a collaboration with students in the Media and Design Department at Algonquin College. An internal review is currently underway to identify assets that could benefit from a revitalization. By incorporating cutting-edge design techniques, such as animation and embedded videos, we would breathe some exciting new life into our content heavy presentations such as our Allied Health/Social Accountability presentation. If selected as a class project, participating students will receive credit toward their degree.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a world leader in medicine.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of patient care, medical education, and research, and to develop the next generation of physicians, researchers and educators.

Our Core Values

We are guided by the following core values:

We treat all people with dignity, equity and inclusion regardless of individual differences and fully respecting diversity in all its forms.
We will always strive for excellence in patient care, research and education.
We work together for the good of all our members and the people we serve to improve health, education and research in Canada’s National Capital Region and beyond.
We set the highest standards for professionalism, fairness and transparency to earn and keep the trust upon which our work relies.

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