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Respecting public dollars while moving the needle on results

Like you, we take public interest to heart in everything we do. Finite budgets for health innovation shouldn’t be barriers to progress and discovery.You and the public expect accountability and responsibility. We can deliver transparency – while also delivering results.

Fund Ottawa DOM-NFP to get results you can trust

Like you, we want to ensure that research funding and project grants get results. We want to explore how technology can improve healthcare. But know the questions are big and complex. The Ottawa DOM-NFP has a network of physicians, scientists, researchers, and other professionals. They have thousands of years of collective experience within public health systems.

We bring the conscience of the public sector to improve health outcomes and patient care.

We match funding partners with world-leading experts to move medicine forward.

Our Plan to Improve Patient Care and
Publicly Funded Health Research

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Support an innovative project to improve health outcomes.

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Tired of funding projects with little progress to show?

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We will help you make investments in research that get real results and move the needle for patients.