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Collaborate with Our PhD Scientists to Improve Care


Develop the Next Generation of Physicians


Strive for Excellence in Patient Care


Investigate Novel Approaches to Disease Management


Invest in Our Trainees

Our department is a collective of amazing people striving to be world leaders in medicine.

17 Specialty Medical Divisions

Working collectively and collaboratively to provide the best care for our patients.

Renowned Physician Researchers, Clinician Teachers and PhD Scientists

Constantly striving to enhance our existing clinical, research and teaching programs as well as develop new ones.

Outstanding Fellowship and Residency Programs

Supporting learners in their development and growth.

Vital and Vibrant Support Staff

More than 175 dedicated professionals and administrators supporting the clinical, research and scholarly work of our faculty members and trainees.


Our department aims to strengthen patient care by living out our values while promoting the importance of our wellness and providing support to each other.


Our department aims to create an environment that enables new recruits and existing staff to achieve academic excellence.

Member Spotlight

Dr. Neil Reaume

Which TV series contained an image or reference to Superman in each episode? Dr. Neil Reaume knows the answer – it’s Superman. Rule to the wise: don’t ever play TV...

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Dr. Lana Castellucci

Yoga, fishing, playing hide and seek - all things Dr. Lana Castellucci is not particularly good at. But not because she can’t bend or cast a line or is averse...

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Dr. Alaa Rostom

Dr. Alaa Rostom is a self-professed geek. He builds his own computers, tinkers with electronics and solders almost every day. According to this Gastroenterologist, when it comes to technology, he’s...

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Dr. Amel Arnaout

Letting go ‘Marie Kondo style’ is a discipline for organizing your belongings, and, by extension, your life. It’s a talent Dr. Amel Arnaout currently doesn’t possess but desperately wants to....

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Dr. Pierre Cardinal

When he was younger, Hull native Pierre Cardinal had big plans for a career in the National Hockey League. He had no speed, no coordination and no situational awareness but...

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Dr. Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel doesn’t care about formal titles — he cares about people. Working with, and influencing people in the pursuit of social justice, creating equitable access and most importantly, doing...

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We Empower Our Greatest Resource - Our People

Our 542 department faculty members are broadly represented within our leadership structure.
They are physicians, PhD scientists, residents and administrators – over 50 individuals holding leadership positions – are shaping the future of this Department.
They are experts in their fields and share a strong desire to innovate, nurture and push us to continually improve.

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