Department of Medicine Executive

Role Member Admin Assistant Email
Chair & Chief
Dr. Phil Wells
Lissa Lepage
Vice Chair, Finance
Dr. Alan Karovitch
Donna Young
Vice Chair, Research
Dr. Dar Dowlatshahi
Wendy Lamont
Vice Chair, Education
Dr. Barbara Power
Viviane Maher
Vice Chair, Quality & Patient Care
Dr. Lisa Mielniczuk
Sahra Ahmed
Vice Chair, Wellness & Physician Support
Dr. James Chan
Stacy Louwe-Bromley
Executive Director & CAO
Sandra Wu

Subspecialty Division Heads & Residency Program Directors

Division Division Head Admin Assistant Email Residency Program Director Admin Assistant Email
Dr. Rob Beanlands
Carrie Love
Dr. Michael Froeschl
Karen Bell
Clinical Epidemiology
Dr. Dean Fergusson
Jodi Peters
Critical Care
Fatima Tohme
Dr. Gianni D'Egidio
Gabrielle Lockhart
Dr. Mark Kirchhof
Julie Wood
Dr. Carly Kirshen
Anne Grose
Dr. Heather Lochnan
Debbie Gow
Dr. Amel Arnaout
Debbie Gow
Dr. Alaa Rostom
Nicole Campbell
Dr. Harinder Dhaliwal
Christine Brown
General Internal Medicine
Dr. Alan Karovitch
Donna Young
Dr. Samantha Halman
Allison Coutts
Dr. Allen Huang
Debbie Clement
Dr. Lara Khoury
Debbie Clement
Dr. Marc Carrier
Cathy McSheffery
Dr. Andrea Kew
Vincent Paul
Infectious Diseases
Dr. Jonathan Angel
Jill Beck
Dr. Arianne Buchan
Ashley Desrosiers
Medical Oncology
Dr. Neal Reaume
Joanne Chaters
Dr. Xinni Song
Arlette Mendicino
Dr. Greg Knoll
Valerie Duffin
Dr. Caitlin Hesketh
Lesli Ransome
Dr. David Grimes
Kristine Zacharias
Dr. Daniel Lelli
Janis Crawley
Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Eugene Leung
Kathya Jean-Baptiste
Dr. Stephen Dinning
Bilquis Hyder Ali
Palliative Care
Dr. James Downar
Jodi Molinski
Dr. Chris Barnes
Sarah Marsaw
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dr. Shawn Marshall
Laura Aliaga
Dr. Deanna Quon
Louise Brazeau
Dr. Gonzalo Alvarez
Leslie Goulding
Dr. Vanessa Luks
Crystal Lameira
Dr. Antonio Cabral
Natasha Vaz
Dr. Susan Humphrey-Murto
Melanie McKerral

Department of Medicine Directors

Role Member Admin Assistant Email
Ambulatory Care Director
Dr. Heather Clark
Pauline Denault
Fellowship Director
Dr. Nha Voduc
Crystal Lemaira
Mentorship Director
Dr. Alexander Sorisky
April Spence
Postgraduate Residency Program Director
Dr. Chris Johnson
Sylvie Soucie
Medical Education & Scholarship Director
Dr. Sue Humphrey-Murto
Susan Duffield
Clerkship Director
Dr. Vladimir Contreras-Dominguez
Pauline Denault
PhD Research Director
Dr. Robin Parks
Robin Hickey
Equity & Diversity Director
Dr. Camille Munro
Stephanie Rochette
Innovation and Health Services Research Director
Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng
Sarah Schlievert

Department of Medicine Executive Suite Support Staff

Role Member Email
Executive Assistant to the Chair
Lissa Lepage
Executive Director &CAO
Sandra Wu
Manager, Communications & Stakeholder Relations
Tracy Serafini
Manager, Human Resources
Krista Hind
Human Resources Advisor
Kailey Thrower
Academic Research Coordinator
Tara Routh
Process Improvement Specialist
Dave Allsop
Clinical Research Methodologist and Facilitator
Rosendo Rodriguez
Research Methodologist
Kylie McNeil
Financial Administrative Coordinator
Angela Lamb
Internal Medicine Core Program Administrator
Rachel Glennie
Internal Medicine Core PG Administrator
Jeanne Lemaire
Internal Medicine UGME Administrative Assistant
Justine Fortier
Internal Medicine Clerkship Clinical Rotation Administrator
Melanie McCallum
Undergraduate Program Administrator
Matthew Armour
Academic Administrator
Jean-Michel Bouchard

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