We Empower Our Greatest Resource – Our People

Our 542 department faculty members are broadly represented within our leadership structure.
They are physicians, PhD scientists, residents and administrators  – over 50 individuals holding leadership positions – are shaping the future of this Department.
They are experts in their fields and share a strong desire to innovate, nurture and push us to continually improve.

Department of Medicine Executive Committee

Setting strategic direction

Establishing policies

Ensuring availability of appropriate resources

Monitoring clinical and academic performance

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

~ John Quincy Adams

Department of Medicine Subspecialty Division Heads

Our Division Heads work for the Chair as part of the leadership team in the development and execution of strategies that operationalize the mission, vision, and goals of the Department of Medicine and Divisions. They act as role models for the Department, Faculty and staff.

Department of Medicine Directors

Our Directors work for the Chair to ensure that our programs are high calibre and that their delivery is in alignment with the Department’s goals and mission.

Department of Medicine Residency Training Program Directors

Our Residency Training Program Directors are responsible for the overall administration and delivery of our residency programs and ensure trainees thrive in the learning environment, resulting in a superior educational experience.

Department of Medicine Executive Administrative Office

Located on the main floor of The Ottawa Hospital’s General Campus, M1840 – M1859.

General Inquiries can be made by phone at 613 737 8900.

Staff in the office support the Department and its’ members in a variety of roles.

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